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    • Micropace EPS320?

    • StimLab Dual Touch - Keep in touch with your colleagues.

    • Micropace StimCor? - Touch of simplicity.

    • Micropace ORLab? - Support for intro-operative testing during advanced cardiac surgery.



    Micropace EP Inc. is a trusted source of advanced EP Cardiac Stimulator Technology to the leading manufacturers of EP equipment and hospitals since 1997 with over 3000 units installed in over 45 countries.


    Research & Development

    Our company's success stems from our intimate knowledge of clinical cardiac electrophysiology and its practitioner’s needs. We deliver constant innovation with state of the art research capabilities built into every stimulator.

    Customer Care

    Customer Care

    With offices on two continents and a global distribution network, our customer support is unbeatable. We provide the best in training, applications support, and personal response to difficult questions.

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